Water Vitalis

Travel water filter bottles 750 ml / 1000 ml

Extremely light and practical travel water filter made from high-quality BPA-free silicon water containers and two filter stages.

The filter can be folded smaller to save space when travelling. Filtering of viruses, bacteria and pollutants through UF membrane filter and carbon capsule. The water filled into the bottle is pressed through the filter by the bottle’s pressure. There is no need to suck on the bottle, and so the filtered water is also well-suited for preparing coffee or meals.

The Disruptor® filter medium has the ability to effectively remove a wide range of contaminants: bacteria / legionella, viruses, endotoxins, polysaccharides, colloids, drug residues and more pathogens - safer travel with Water Vitalis.

Article Art. No EAN-number EAN-number
Black 1.000ml 90000393 4250188803146 WV1SV
Orange 1.000ml 90000393 4250188803085 WV1OV
Green 1.000m 90000394 4250188803139 WV1GV
Blue 1.000ml 90000396 4250188803092 WV1BV
Size 1.000 ml 290 X 80 mm, 270g    
Black 750ml 90000313 4250188802989 WV7SV
Orange 750ml 90000308 4250188803078 WV7OV
Green 750ml 90000304 4250188803054 WV7GV
Blue 750ml 90000306 4250188803061 WV7BV
Size 750ml 290 X 80mm, 230g    

Material Silicone BPA free, PP Filter unit
Flowrate per minute approx. 200ml approx. 200ml
Filter units Disruptor®
Filter changing interval max. 260 liter
Performance Bacteria 99.9%, viruses, chlorine, other pollutants
Usage restrictions Drinking water 1-60° C (no sea water, no industry water)
Box (HxBxT) Weight 25,2 cm x 7,9 cm x 7,9 cm, 240g (750ml)
28,5 cm x 8,7cm x 8,7 cm, 295g (1.000ml)
Packaging unit 4/8/12

This is how WATER VITALIS works:

Three simple steps to filtering water on the go - our filter makes your trip safer







Fill the bottle with unfiltered water.







Put the filter with light pressure into the filter head.
Close the bottle.


Step 3 – DRINK





Enjoy the filtered and pure water
directly from the filter bottle - worldwide.



  • Water filtration all over the world
  • Effective against bacteria, viruses, chemicals, heavy metals
  • Quick and easy - fill, squeeze, drink
  • The ultimate virus protection
  • No batteries, no chemicals required
  • No suction necessary
  • Easy filter change
  • Can be folded up to save space
  • Chemical-free water filtration
  • available in 4 trendy colors


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