Big Green Cartridges

Limescale protection cartridges

Only compatible with BigGreen Limescale Protection Device

  • Big Green protects your entire piping system, your appliances and equipment from aggressive lime deposits, which leas to unnecessary defects and corrosion.
  • Reliable reduction of limescale deposits in the entire piping system - Reduction of chlorine and poisonous chemicals
  • Less time and expenditure for repairs, maintenance and cleaning
  • Considerable savings on washing and cleaning agents
  • Reduced energy costs due to improved efficiency
  • Improved equipment performance - no waste of space
  • No use of salt, chemicals or electricity
  • Big Green works with all raw materials: iron, copper, steel, plastic, PVC, PEX.
  • Suitable for pipe diameters from 1/2” to 1”
  • Core components manufactured in Canada
  • Tested by independent institutes with references

Three-stage treatments

1. High sediment capacity (Dirt-holding capacity up to 1 kg), 20 micron pre-filter
2. Chlorine reduction, reduction of toxic chemicals, improvement in smell and taste
3. Patented BigGreen (TAC), prevention of deposits with high flow rates

Art. No. both cardridges: KI-BG-TAC: 90000481
only carbon filter: KI-BGC: 90000480
Shortcode both cardridges: KI-BG-TAC
only carbon filter: KI-BGC
Empty weight KI-BG-TAC: 2,9 kg
KI-BGC: 2,3 kg
Height KI-BG-TAC: ca 35 cm
KI-BGC: ca. 33,4 cm
Diameter KI-BG-TAC: 15 cm
KI-BGC: 7 cm
Box approx. 36 x 16 cm
Customs number 842199001
EAN number KI-BG-TAC: 4250188803634
KI-BGC: 4250188803641
pH 6,5 to 8,5
Hardness 1300 ppm CaCO3
Chlorine <3 ppm
Ferrum <0,3 mg / l
Manganese <0,05 mg / l
Copper <1,3 mg / l
Sedimentfiltration 20 microns with a dirt holding capacity of up to 1 kg
Chlorine reduction ** 189.000 liter at 11,34 lpm
Prevention of deposits *** 3 years or 1.890.000 l
** According to the specification of the manufacturer of the carbon block
*** Depending on the local water chemistry


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