Leak Controler LC

for 1/4“, 3/8“ and 1/2“ connections

The leak controler LC switches off the inflow of the water line after the LC if water leaks. A small tissue tablet is integrated, which soaks up with water and then activates the valve of the LC and interrupts the flow of water. The tissue tablet can be exchanged as often as required so that the LC can be used again and again with a new tissue tablet after a leak.

Make sure that the hose of your filter system fits the size of the LC. The LC is available with ¼ „, 3/8“ and ½ „connections. The LC is installed in the water supply before your filter system. The inlet hose must be opened (cut through) and then the inlet hose is inserted into the inlet of the LC and the side of the hose in the direction of the filter system is inserted into the outlet side of the LC. Please make sure to cut the hose straight (do not use pliers, but a sharp knife). The LC should be checked and cleaned of dirt every 6 months. The LC should be replaced annually to ensure maximum safety. Please check the snap function of the valve by lifting the cap under which the tissue tablet is located. The valve should then snap immediately. It is best to check this function several times. If it is stiff, use some silicone oil or, if in doubt, replace the LC.

Art. No. LC ¼“: 90000574
LC 3/8“: 90000573
LC ½“: 90000575
Shortcode LC ¼“, LC 3/8“, LC ½“
Weight approx. 62g
Dimensions 4,2 x 11,7 x 5,2 cm (BxLxH)
Material Nylon
Customs number 8421990
EAN number LC ¼“: 4250188804068
LC 3/8“: 4250188804051
LC ½“: 4250188804075
Main location On filter systems under the sink, reverse osmosis systems, water dispensers, etc.


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